Ireland and Scotland share a lot of similarities. Both countries offer travellers with picturesque countryside and lush landscapes. Both the countries are home to some of the friendliest and welcoming people.

Ireland is most popularly known by travellers for its St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Ireland offers one of the most dramatic landscapes and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Celtic Sea and the Irish Sea. One of Ireland’s most famous tourist attractions includes the Cliffs of Moher. It offers a viewpoint for Ireland’s dramatic landscape. The Guinness Storehouse produces Ireland’s most famous stout beer. A tour of the storehouse gives the travellers an insight into the production, pouring and even the accurate way of sipping a beer. The Blarney Stone in the Blarney Castle is one of the most visited tourist sites. Legend has it that kissing the Blarney stone imparts enchanting gifts on the kisser. Ireland has a range of transport facility including ferry, trains, buses and cars. Some of the delicious local delicacies to eat in Ireland are the hearty stews, champ (famous mashed potato), soda bread, Shepherd’s pie and the famous stout beer. Moreover, the capital Dublin offers a beautiful blend of history and urban settlement. It houses several pubs across the city that is famous for its night-life.

On the other hand, Scotland is a country filled with mountains and castles (over 2000 of them). Some of the highlights of Scotland are its historical tourist sites. One of the most famous attraction is Edinburgh castle. It was once a royal residence and military fortress and is evident in the Edinburgh skyline owing to its positioning on the castle rock. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in British isles, offers a fantastic view. The Arthur’s Seat, a dormant volcano, is one of the highest peaks of Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers traditional pubs, gothic buildings and a world of tunnels and caves. Stirling Castle is one of the largest Scottish castles and is a famous tourist site owing to its architectural value. Scotland’s transport facility includes cars, trains, ferries and buses. Scotland’s local delicacies include the most popular dish, Haggis, Tattie Scones, Malt or Grain Scottish Whiskey, Soft drink Irn-Bru. Moreover, Scotland allows people to roam about freely in the farmlands (public or private) while keeping a distance from people’s homes.

On a concluding note, both Ireland and Scotland are stunning countries to visit. It is essential that travellers take note of the important slangs that are used in the countries to facilitate easier communication. Both these countries should be on the must-visit list of everyone around the globe as they have so much to offer in terms of cuisine, views and historical reminders.


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