Faskally Wood, Perthshire, Scotland

The big tree countryis famous for having around an astounding number of twenty-five different species of trees. The varieties of trees include; Scots pine, silver birch, hazel, ash and oak.The Faskally Woods in Perthshire is a sight to behold and an ambience to embrace throughout the year, but the beauty of it is at the peak during the autumn season.The Faskally, in the 19th century, was initially created to be a “model forest”. The forest is filled with wondrous specimens which are all evident and perceivable, especially in October. When the day turns to night, the Faskally transforms into an Enchanted Forest with a shimmering light and music show.

Lime Avenue At Marbury Country Park, Cheshire, North West England

The Lime Avenue at the Marbury Country in Cheshire, North West of England is one of the most picturesque places to visit in the summer. Lime Avenue used to be an integral part of the Marbury Country park’s iconic estate era. The park beautifully captures the blonde autumn tints of magnificently symmetrical Lime Avenue. The park is a part of the enchanting Mersey Forests.

New Forest, Hampshire, Southern England

New Forest National Park has an astounding landscape which covers a whopping area of fifty square miles.Thecite is known for its ancient woodlands. One can come across and explore mighty redwoods which were planted in the year 1850s. Various other varieties of trees that you can discover in the New Forest in Hampshire are; alder, beech, sweet chestnut and different types. The New Forest Walking Festival which takes place in the month of October is marked by the tall trees trail under majestic conifers on Rhinefield Ornamental Drive. The grand 500-year-old Knightwood Oak on the Bolderwood Ornamental Drive near Lyndhurst is one cite you should not miss at any cost. Another picture to grasp is the energetic and enthusiastic wild ponies and pigs which roam around in search of green acorns.

Richmond Park, London, England

The Richmond Park in London, England provides you with an escape route to evade the monotony of life and the pressures of this fast-moving concrete jungle we live in. The park is filled with vibrant and bright colours from which you cannot take your eyes off, thereby denoting the arrival of autumn. The leaves of the trees in the Richmond park are tints of deep orange. Go for a stroll or ride your bicycle through this mesmerizing valley to see how beautiful England looks in the autumn season. The park is recognized as a national nature reserve. It is also given the title of being the largest royal parkin London. Another attractive attribute of Richmond park is that you can spot a lot of wildlife species. The park ispopulated with 630 freely-roaming red and fallow deer.


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